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April 2013 saw the start of clan wars, where up to 10 people join together to form a clan.

Any premium member can start and manage a clan, but you don't need to be a premium member to join a clan.

Clan wars start at 12:01am CDT on the 3rd of each month and run through to 12:01am CDT on the 1st of the month; while the war is in progress no one can join or leave a clan, so this just leaves two day between each clan war to start new clans and re-arrange existing ones.

Clans are organised at Clan Central, you can also check out the leaderboards there, both past and present.

You can learn more about Clans at Munzee Support

The top 3 teams each month receive special recognition, with either a gold, solver or bronze trophy on their clan page.

Each member of the top 3 teams each month receives a special badge.

September 2013 saw the well received introduction of Clan 'Weapons', Brass Knuckles, Mace, Longsword and Chuck. All members of the clan have to accumulate the required number of points and satisfy the other requirements to receive the 'weapons', and the clan must have a full complement of 10 players

The rewards for attaining the weapons are the 'Munzee Mace' and the 'Munzee Longsword'.

For the 'Brass Knuckles' you need 100 points each and each member receives an email containing a QR that gives points.
For the 'Mace' you need 500 points each and receive a Munzee Mace each.
For the 'Longsword' you need 1,000 points each and receive a Munzee Longsword each.
For the 'Chuck' you need 2,500 points each, plus each clan member must capture a virtual, a mystery and a diamond, but the rewards are 5 Munzee Maces and 5 Munzee Longswords each.

December 2013 was described by MHQ as a 'season of peace and joy' and so the 'weapon' names were changed to Milk, Cookies, Presents and The Santa, just for the one month but with the same 'Munzee Mace' and 'Munzee Longsword' rewards.

February 2014 saw another change, it was the month of the Winter Olympics and so the 'weapon' names changed again to Bronze, Silver, Gold and Olympic Chuck.
The requirements and rewards changed also, 250 points needed for Bronze, 750 for Silver, 2,000 for Gold and 4,000 for Olympic Chuck, the rewards were, the email QR for Bronze, 2 Munzee Maces for Silver, 2 Munzee Longswords for Gold and 3 Munzee Maces, 3 Munzee Longswords and 3 Mystery Virtuals for Olympic Chuck.

Since February 2014 MHQ have decided to change the requirements for the weapons each month along with the rewards, giving just a couple of days notice of the new requirements before the start of each month and so keeping everyone on their toes.
Look out for the 'Clan History Page' I am writing for more details, coming soon.

May 2014 saw another level added to the rewards, the 'Super Chuck', the details of the 'Super Chuck' requirements and rewards were not made known till clans had achieved 'The Chuck' and although the requirements were very high the rewards were well worth the effort, but the requirements are such that only a few clans can achieve them.

June 2014 saw the 'reward' levels tied into the 'Football World Cup' or 'Copa Do Munza', Group Stage, Round of 16, Quarter Finals, Semi Finals and Championship.

July 2014 being MHQ birthday month was classed as an easy month with just 3 reward levels, Baby Chuck, Chuck and Super Chuck.

August 2014, saw the introduction of a new reward and a newly named level as the 'Brass Knuckles' are gone.

'The Battleaxe' comes in at level 3, after the Mace and Longsword, The Battleaxe offers 40 points when deployed and capping points are 40 split between capper and owner.


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