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Munzee is free to play, the app for all phones is free to download from the app stores, but for those who want a little more there is a premium membership.

Premium Membership costs 30USD per year, a small price to pay for the advantages gained, premium membership offers the following:-

A Gold (or premium) Munzee. You get 50 points when you deploy this, and they are only available for premium members.

4 x Virtual Munzees. These can be placed anywhere in the World and normally cost 5USD each.

1 x Social Munzee that normally costs 5USD.

A 250 endeployed limit, as opposed to 100 for none premium members.

Start and manage a clan

Player Stats

New Munzee notifications by email.

Map filtering.

Extra features on the new V2 app.

Get more information on Premium Membership here.


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