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Standard Munzee
These appear green on the map.
Red Munzee
These are Munzees that you have capped.
Grey Munzees
These are your own Munzees
Premium Munzee
Free when you obtain or renew your premium membership Munzee Link
Diamond Munzee
Available monthly from the store with a purchase limit of 5. Munzee Link
Ruby Munzee
Introduced July 2014, as gifts and prizes during the birthday month. Available in the store.
Mystery Munzee
Gives between 5 and 50 points to the capper
Munzee Link
Motel Munzee
Purchased from the store at $2 each with a maximum of 5 per month.
Munzee Link
NFC Munzee
To capture or deploy an NFC munzee, your phone must support NFC technology.
Munzee Link
Business Munzee
Loyalty Munzees for businesses. Munzee Link
Maintenance Mode
A Munzee that has received 2 'UTL' or 'Needs Repair' comments
Social Munzee
Usually found on Facebook but you might find one here.
Munzee Link
Quiz Munzee
Introduced September 2013. Munzee owners can convert any standard Munzee (or virtual) in to a Quiz Munzee Munzee Link
Virtual Quiz Munzee
The same as a Quiz Munzee but made by converting a Virtual Munzee. Munzee Link
Virtual Munzee
Can be placed anywhere in the World, you get 4 free with premium membership, but you can buy more from MHQ store. Munzee Link
Mace Munzee
Awarded to Clan members when each of the Clan members reach a certain goal, introduced for the September 2013 Clan Battle
20 points are shared between capper and deployer
Longsword Munzee
These are also awarded to Clan members when each of the Clan members reach a certain goal, introduced for the September 2013 Clan Battle
30 points are shared between capper and deployer
BattleAxe Munzee
These are also awarded to Clan members when each of the Clan members reach a certain goal, introduced for the August 2014 Clan Battle
40 points are shared between capper and deployer
Mystery Virtual
Introduced on 'Cyber Monday' 2nd Dec 2013 in a special sale at $2 each and proved very popular as the points for capping range from 5 to 50 like a regular 'Mystery' but can be placed anywhere in the World. The regular price is $6 each but only available occasionaly

Virtual Colors

June 2013 MHQ introduced the following 'Virtual Colors', these are used to convert virtuals and mystery virtuals and are sold seperately in the store

Virtual Black Virtual Brown Virtual Blue Virtual Green Virtual Indigo
Virtual Violet Virtual Orange Virtual Yellow Virtual Indigo Virtual Rainbow
Virtual Mystery Black Virtual Mystery Brown Virtual Mystery Violet Virtual Mystery Green Virtual Mystery Red
Virtual Mystery Orange Virtual Mystery Yellow Virtual Mystery Indigo Virtual Mystery Rainbow

Special Munzees

Throughout the year on different occasions MHQ introduces new special Munzees that last for just a short time with a varying amount of points, these land on existing standard Munzees and have included Easter Eggs, double points, halloween, Munzee birthdays etc. Some of them were only available at events.
A Special Munzee can usually be capped by someone who has capped the Munzee previously, but you cannot cap one of your own.
* Pinata Mint, Pinata Lolipop and Pinata Drop didn't appear on the map but were rewards for capping the Pinata; and the Pinata icon was never used as a reward icon

These are some of the icons that have been used:-

Wayward Nation Whomp Nation Gift Burger XBox Contest H2oklan 100k
Pumpkin Heart Shamrock Easter Staff
1st Birthday Candy Corn Scary Pumpkin Gold n Coins Rose
Munzee Madness II Egg Hunt Miss Michigan EMG End Of The World
Double Points Weekend 2nd Birthday Bacon Eyeball Quad Frog
Bierkrug Lederhosen Brezell Movember Texas
Europe Event Robje64 Europe Event Zeusi Europe Event Pappapad Europe Event Meet And Greet Netherlands
Washington Parks Euro Ambassador Landmachtdagen Gilroy Garlic Festival Garlic Breath After Party
Gold Rob Visits Deutschland Christmas Tree Christmas Pickle Wooden Shoe
Gingerbread Man Stocking Menorah Snowman Santa
Christmas Gift Candy Cane Wreath Coal Australia Day
Marine Days MMIII Event Dinner MMIII Puzzle Heart
Geowoodstock 2014 Food Truck Frenzy RMH Virtual Butte Event Unicorn
Copa Do Munzo Pinata Mint * Pinata Lollipop * Pinata Drop * Pinata *
Obi-Cal Farewell Event 2nd Europe Event Rob's Return Worlds Collide Seattle ALS Ice Bucket Challenge
Socal Munzeecon Jersey Arts Quest 2014 Worlds Collide Vegas


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